Police Aviation Research [PAR] is operated by Bryn Elliott who has over 35 years experience in a range of aviation industry sectors. From groundwork based upon a 30-year law enforcement career with the Metropolitan Police in London he researches airborne emergency services provided by military, government and law enforcement sectors.

A wide experience of law enforcement aviation in the United Kingdom and other countries enables PAR to maintain a close working relationship with the providers of law enforcement aviation through over thirty years of intensive operations.

PAR has created a unique news dissemination service within the industry which now specialises in the Airborne Emergency Services on a world-wide basis. PAR produces fully researched papers and market assessments on demand. Customers have included leading manufacturers and their agents.

PAR draws its strength from an extensive, unique, archive of material encompassing the origins and development of law enforcement aviation globally. It is able to authoritatively compare the difference in operating techniques and environment as they effect each different country in the period since operations were first noted in 1914. The in-depth research relies upon access to a unique law enforcement market database.

PAR is able to work closely with customers to identify the exact field of interest and thereby produce results exactly matching the specification.

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